Hello love, I’m Allison. Your spiritual guide to health, introspective awareness, and trusting your body.

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My journey back to my body…

My first love of nutrition and fitness stemmed from the question,
“Well, what can we control in this lifetime?!”.

I knew firsthand I could control my health. So, I studied nutrition labels, started lifting weights and running on my own, digested every ounce of Women’s Health Magazine I could, and stuck to “healthy” foods. Fast forward, I eventually earned my Master’s of Science in Kinesiology because I loved to geek out so much on the science.

However, due to old insecurities and anxiety about the “unknown” that were never fully addressed, my diet and exercise became my only form of validation and my only way to feed into control of perfectionism. Pretty soon, I developed disordered eating tendencies and an avid fear of weight gain.

In my mind, if I gained weight or never attained my goal body image,
I wouldn’t be lovable.

However, I wasn’t even consciously aware of these thoughts at the time. 89% of my brain space was so solely focused on my diet and exercise regimen that there was no mental space for anything deeper.

Overtime, this orthorexic behavior lead to disheartening anxiety that lead to disassociation with my body.

On the outside, I looked bubbly and like the epitome of health (I was even teaching group fitness and personal training).

On the inside, my body was begging for me to pay attention.

I knew something needed to change.

Enter: Intuitive Eating, Introspective Awareness, and Spirituality.

It wasn’t until I started doing inner work with all the philosophies and practices listed above that I TRULY started taking care of my health.

My whole life transformed because my mindset transformed. My whole world changed because I started digging deep into my own behaviors, beyond the surface level of just food and exercise.

This is why I knew with my health and fitness background, my calling was to become your Minneapolis health coach, Intuitive Eating counselor, and personal trainer.

If you are a perfectionist, people-pleaser, emotional eater, or a sensitive soul (even if you act tough), I see you. I hear you. I will help guide you on your transformational health journey.

To truly come back home to your body, you must acknowledge your past, become familiar with soul vs. ego work, and move forward with a new belief and a new system.

Whether you are here to digest the blog, be a part of my free community newsletter or Facebook group, or work with me 1:1, I am honored to be a part of your journey and help you come home to your body.


I LOVE fresh dough: donuts, cinnamon rolls, Momma Mosso’s homemade bread.

I aimlessly walk around Target.

I don’t have it all figured out, but I think that’s the point: to learn as we go and not to obsess over the expectations and answers.

I’m a curious person. I love learning about others and their stories. I also love learning about the way things work. From food science to the solar system, I’m inherently curious.

I think the outdoors are a beautiful place for healing, getting outside of your head, and seeing how big the world really is.

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is my vice.