If you are tired of feeling anxious and hyper fixated on food, body image, and living in your head, keep reading...

Come Home to Your Body Virtual Academy is a 8 Week Journey for Perfectionist, People-Pleasers and Emotional Eaters who are tired of dieting, have self-limiting beliefs about their body image, are stuck in their head and are ready to take action for a more fulfilling life.


Podcast Based Learning: In-depth lectures to help you navigate the world of intuitive eating on a larger spectrum - hunger/fullness, emotional eating, satisfaction, forbidden foods, fear of weight gain, sugar, etc.

Other podcast based lessons include: body image, identity work, yoga therapy, shadow work & strengthening your intuition (your inner wisdom love). Listen on the go or in your own home!

Worksheets & Assignments: Tools & resources for you to keep actively moving in-between learning lessons. You will be able to apply your knowledge to actual skillsets.

1:1 Coaching with Allison: As a soulful health coach and certified intuitive eating counselor, Allison will give you individualized guidance on your unique needs with two 30 minute phone calls throughout the course.

Working with Allison not only helped me adjust to my body and work towards accepting it, but it gave me the ability to feel so much more confidence in speaking out to others about my own struggles. I learned how to celebrate these struggles instead of letting them overcome me and feel as if I needed to shelter them.
— Maddy P.


  • Desires to live their life free from the diet mentality, perfectionism and people-pleasing

  • Is committed to doing the inner-work and going beyond the surface level of food, exercise & body image

  • Is ready to make transformational changes by living in their heart vs. their head

  • Understands that by getting uncomfortable, they will forge the pathway for getting in touch with their higher-self

  • Is looking to be a part of a community of sisters who want to support each other’s authentic selves

  • Is ready to break free from their ego and trust the process that will lead them into their soul’s true state of living

  • Wants to stop waiting and start making new beliefs while breaking free from old self-limiting beliefs

Allison broke down the dieting culture and dieting myths while taking the time to make sure we all understood the material. She provided personal every day examples and science to back up her data. Intuitive Eating is a change in mindset and it was her personal touch and approach to the topic which kept me interested and invested in the class. I hope others will have the opportunity to experience her gentle teaching style and sweet sense of humor. I would recommend this class to anyone who is curious about Intuitive Eating or those ready to “break up” with dieting mentality and make a healthy change in their lives.
— Jayne, Minneapolis
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Imagine where you can be 8 weeks from now, 5 months from now, 1 year from all begins with a single step.