It’s time to stop making decisions out of fear and finally come home to your body.

Are you ready to lessen your perfectionism, people-pleasing, and emotional eating?

Are you ready to transform your relationships with food, body, and exercise so you can really take care of your health?

Do you feel as if you’ve tried all of the diets, pseudo-diets, and “lifestyle” changes yet none of them seem to stick?

Love, it’s time to recognize your own self-worth, release yourself from draining diets, and make impactful changes that will truly transform your life.



Soulful health coaching is a deep dive journey where you and I spend time together figuring out your individual needs (no cookie cutter programs or MLMs here). You receive my undivided attention to truly transform your relationship with food, body image, exercise, and fear.

Once we assess your individual needs, I follow a strategic combination of inner-work and actionable steps to help you improve your relationship with food, cultivate a healthy body image, come back to your heart instead of living in your head, toss aside your ego that’s living in fear and insecurity, and finally find the clarity and confidence you're looking for in your health journey.

My philosophies are based on cultivating healthy behaviors that are realistic for your lifestyle, intuitive eating guidelines so you never have to diet again, and spiritual-based practices so you can truly live from your heart’s center. Your program will always be individualized and catered towards your direct needs as there is no such thing “one size fits all” when it comes to your health.

I promise you during our time together, you will no longer feel the need to go on low-calorie or restrictive diets — thus, you’ll never yo-yo diet again. You’ll feel comfortable and in control around food. You’ll learn body image respect so you can get out of head and start living the life you truly desire.

You will come home to your body.

I cannot express how much I enjoyed our time together and how much my mindset has truly changed around eating, the world, and how we view ourselves. What I especially loved about working with Allison was that there wasn’t a sole focus on just food and our habits with food, but the entire world around us. By viewing everything from a much bigger lens as a feminist standpoint or a cultural one, it became easier to see where my own habits stemmed from and how I struggled to overcome them in prior therapy sessions and counseling.
— Maddy, Minneapolis


(six month minimum):

  • Two 90 minute in-person or phone/webcam sessions per month

  • Unlimited support from me via phone or email Monday-Friday

  • Action items, homework, and experiments to keep you moving between sessions

  • Recaps sent after every meeting including homework and items you're accountable for

  • Friday Send-Offs: Special newsletter only for 1:1 clients with resources & tips for navigating food freedom, boundaries, and body image respect throughout the weekend

Here are some of the topics I help clients with:

  • Breaking Free from Dieting & Developing Body Trust: Identifying outdated beliefs, fears, healing negativity, exploring intuitive eating and improving your nutrition by eating for health & satisfaction.

  • Emotional Eating: Find out what’s really causing your emotional eating and lessen the behavior you have that leads up to it.

  • Breaking Free from Perfectionism & People-Pleasing: Learn to become your own inner-permission, learn to strengthen your voice and speak your truth, and get over the need to always be liked so you can find out what it’s like to be loved.

  • Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Exercise: Learn how to become motivated from a healthy mindset to exercise and not utilize your workouts as a way to burn off your food.

  • Shadow Work & Embodying Emotions: Healing your inner-wounds, physical exercises to embody your emotions, finding strengthen in your voice and trusting your intuition again

  • Relationships: Giving space to be heard, sticking to boundaries, making room for grief and asking for your needs.

  • Anxiety & Moving Through the Unknown: Deep diving into self-identity work & learning about your soul vs. ego

  • Spiritual Growth: Learning to grow a foundation of love, safety & respect so you can navigate life without the fear of failure and get out of your own way.

Working with Allison was life changing. I had been suffering from disordered eating for 4 1/2 years before I started working with Allison. I found the Intuitive Eating book, and loved it. It made sense, but I needed extra accountability and help, so thankfully I found Allison. She is a trustworthy and genuine soul. She listened without judgement, gave helpful insight, and held me accountable. She took me on a journey to understand why it’s not truly about the food, but things that are rooted so much deeper. She helped me gain back my intuition and my confidence. After about two months, I had stopped counting calories (something I never thought could truly happen!) and started making small steps to improving my relationship to food. By the end of our time, I could not believe how far I had come.
— Holly, Wisconsin

I limit the number of clients I coach to provide the focused, individual attention they deserve. You truly will get my full energy and support. I will be your light of guidance, call you out on your own BS, and give you everything you need to let you become the master of your own body.


  • You lack clarity, self-respect, and confidence around health, body and food.

  • You’re looking to change your self-limiting beliefs around food, exercise and body image.

  • You are a perfectionist, people-pleaser, or have a hard time sticking to boundaries.

  • You have been looking for a safe space of love, grief and empowerment.

  • You already know what path you want to be on, but don’t know how to get there.

  • You’re ready to deep dive and make lasting changes into your health and mindset.

  • You’re tired of trying over and over again, only to find yourself more disheartened than before.

We should not work together if:

  • You’re not ready to commit to the soulful health coaching process and the work required to change your life.

  • You’re not looking to get over your self-limiting beliefs.

  • You’re dealing with severe trauma or a diagnosed eating disorder. I am not qualified as a therapist or dietitian to provide you with the help that you need.

If you are an action taker who is ready to transform your life, get out of your head and back into your heart, and invest in yourself by showing up, there is no reason soulful health coaching and intuitive eating counseling won’t work for you.

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