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As your personal trainer, I am here to help you become stronger -- both physically and mentally. I am here to help you cultivate a healthy relationship with exercise so you truly look forward to your workouts.

I promise you: With my weight-inclusive approach, you will never feel ashamed for your body size or weight. Instead, we will focus on healthy and positive behaviors to help you progress in your exercise regimen and strength goals.


Soulful personal training is a holistic approach to personal training free from diet talk, negative body image remarks, and self-doubt. Throughout your journey, you will become confident in the weight room, have knowledge on how to set up your own workouts, and increase your strength and endurance for impactful results.

I cater your sessions, your program, and your experiences towards your personality, goals, lifestyle, and what is sustainable for you. This means I will never let you sink in self-doubt.

We will end each of our practices with meditation and grounding work. It is important to me that you balance work and rest — your body will absolutely love you for both.

After 8 years of personal training and teaching group fitness, I know how to cater to individuals and create a customized program, and an educational and fun experience.

I promise, you will be confident and knowledgeable on exercise and truly look forward to your workouts.


What I especially liked about Allison is her inclusive attitude toward exercise. I never felt like I was being pushed toward a specific body type, and whenever I had a week where I wasn’t able to complete a workout I was never scolded or made to feel guilty for doing so. I did make quite a bit of progress on my lifts, but Allison helped me gain confidence in myself and my body. Not every personal trainer can say that.

I couldn’t recommend Allison as a personal trainer enough. She takes a holistic approach to training, incorporating exercise, diet, and mental health, and really cares about her clients. Whatever your experience level or goals, Allison can be a great help!”
— Jacob, Florida


(eight weeks minimum)


  • One 60 minute strength training session per week (two times per week is an option)

  • Cool down included with grounding & meditation

  • Unlimited phone and email support Monday-Friday

  • Gym Membership - unlimited access

  • Customized programming sent electronically and updated weekly

    Specialties I help clients with:

  • Progressing from Body Weight Exercises to Barbell Lifts

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • Kettlebell Lifts

  • Feeling confident to walk into a weight room by yourself, knowing exactly what it is you need to do

  • Improving low back pain

  • Circuit Training

  • Grounding & Meditation

If you have the chance to work with Allison, do it! She is AWESOME! I was always hesitant to make the investment in personal training, but Allison’s expertise in fitness & nutrition coupled with the enthusiasm she brings to our training sessions far outweighs the benefits any group fitness class or basic gym membership can offer. Allison creates challenging, but realistic programs catered to your individual goals and emphasizes the importance of form — something you won’t find in most group fitness classes. So needless to say, the investment has been, and continues to be, well worth it. I now have the knowledge and confidence to hold my own in the (mostly male-dominated) weight room and take my workouts to the next level.
— Katelyn, Minnesota

I limit the number of clients I personal train to provide focused, individual attention they deserve. You truly will get my full energy and support. I will be your light of guidance, call you out on your own b.s. and give you everything you need to let you become the master of your own body.


  • You lack clarity, self-respect, and confidence in the gym.

  • You’re looking to change your self-limiting beliefs around exercise and body image.

  • You know you want to enjoy exercise, but you want to do it from a place of love vs. fear.

  • You want to cultivate a healthy relationship with exercise but feel lost on getting there.

  • You’re ready to make behavioral changes and find an exercise program that empowers you.

  • You’re excited to become stronger and focus on what your body can do.

We should not work together if:

  • You’re not ready to commit to the soulful personal training package, something that will increase your quality of life.

  • You do not have a medical professionals permission to exercise due to severe trauma or a diagnosed eating disorder. I am not qualified as a therapist or dietitian to provide you with the help that you need.

If you are an action taker who is ready to transform your life, get out of your head and back into your heart and, invest in themselves by showing up, there is no reason soulful personal training won’t work for you.

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