Through the year of ups and downs, there was always one thing I had consistent that I looked forward to— meetings with Allison. I cannot express how much I enjoyed our time together and how much my mindset has truly changed around eating, the world, and how we view ourselves. What I especially loved about working with Allison was that there wasn’t a sole focus on just food and our habits with food, but the entire world around us. By viewing everything from a much bigger lens as a feminist standpoint or a cultural one, it became easier to see where my own habits stemmed from and how I struggled to overcome them in prior therapy sessions and counseling.

Working with Allison not only helped me adjust to my body and work towards accepting it, but it gave me the ability to feel so much more confidence in speaking out to others about my own struggles. I learned how to celebrate these struggles instead of letting them overcome me and feel as if I needed to shelter them! Working with Allison has provided me so much relief and it was such a bittersweet ending, but I’m so glad I had the opportunity and would recommend it for anyone.
— Maddy, Minneapolis

Working with Allison was life changing. I had been suffering from a disordered eating for 4 and a half years before I started working with Allison. My body had been through so much. I had been restricting and counting calories, which then lead into a purging issue when i would go over my said limit. I found the Intuitive eating book, and loved it. It made sense but i needed extra accountability and help, so thankfully i found Allison. She is a trustworthy and genuine soul. She listened without judgement, gave insightful help and held me accountable. She took me on a journey to understand why its not truly about the food, but things that are rooted so much deeper. She helped me gain back my intuition and my confidence. After about two months, i had stopped counting calories (something i never thought could truly happen!) and started making small steps to improving my relationship to food. By the end of our time, i could not believe how far i had come. I had stopped counting calories, started truly tasting and enjoying food and adding variety, and the stress of food went away. While everyday isn’t perfect Allison was there to help in the good times and bad. She was prompt with responding, genuine, nonjudgmental, gave helpful assignments and has a fun a cheerful soul. Our one on one time seemed to fly by, and the change she helped create so quickly became apart of my life, i almost forget what it was like before working with her. I am still a work in progress but I could have never come this far without Allison’s help. I am so thankful for her devotion to helping me and would definitely recommend working with her if you want to battle the disordered eating and body ideas that our culture is focused on.
— Holly, Wisconsin

Allison walked with me for 9 months while I worked to change my relationship with food. She adjusted our sessions to meet my needs and progress, making it an individualized experience that got to the root of my issues rather than a cookie cutter program that didn’t work.

Allison’s support and encouragement helped me develop ways to cope with stress and avoid binge eating episodes. I’m by no means perfect, but she’s given me the tools I need to course correct when I start to slip up.

Working with Allison is one of the best decisions I ever made!
— Jonna, Minnesota

Allison is incredibly knowledgeable and has great insight when it comes to people and our eating habits. Intuitive eating was a new concept to me, but Allison made it easy to understand & implement into my daily life.

With Allison’s help, I have a better understanding of myself and my relationship with food. She helps you as a person, not just “another client”. She’s very personable, empathetic, understanding, and never judgemental.
— Amanda


“f you have the chance to work with Allison, do it! She is AWESOME! I was always hesitant to make the investment in personal training, but Allison’s expertise in fitness & nutrition coupled with the enthusiasm she brings to our training sessions far outweighs the benefits any group fitness class or basic gym membership can offer. Allison creates challenging but realistic programs catered to your individual goals and emphasizes the importance of form - something you won’t find in most group fitness classes. So needless to say, the investment has been, and continues to be, well worth it. I now have the knowledge and confidence to hold my own in the (mostly male-dominated) weight room and take my workouts to the next level.
— Katelyn, Minnesota

Allison is unlike any other personal trainer I’ve ever met! What makes her different is that she treats each client in an understanding and unique way that caters to each person’s needs. She realizes that each person is different and has individual fitness and nutrition goals. She shows complete flexibility and knowledge when creating a plan for each client. She teaches the importance of self-love, empowerment, and the connection between physical and mental health. In addition to all of this, she also is very personable and is open to speak about her own experiences. Allison is incredibly intuitive and treats all people with respect and patience. No matter where you are in your fitness/health journey, I highly recommend Allison!
— Makeda, Minnesota

“During our time working together Allison and I were constantly adjusting my fitness goals to accommodate sports schedules, injuries, military fitness standards, and the random goings-on of life. Whatever I was trying to work on, Allison had a great answer that allowed me to work toward my goals. The weekly check-ins were very helpful in this regard. If I ever needed to make a pivot we could address it that week and get it adjusted quickly afterward. Allison’s plans are truly made for each individual.

What I especially liked about Allison is her inclusive attitude toward exercise. I never felt like I was being pushed toward a specific body type, and whenever I had a week where I wasn’t able to complete a workout I was never scolded or made to feel guilty for doing so. I did make quite a bit of progress on my lifts, but Allison helped me gain confidence in myself and my body. Not every personal trainer can say that.

I couldn’t recommend Allison as a personal trainer enough. She takes a holistic approach to training, incorporating exercise, diet, and mental health, and really cares about her clients. Whatever your experience level or goals, Allison can be a great help!”
— Jacob, Florida